Top Things To Do In Spain

Spain is a beautiful country. There’s no doubt about it. While you may find yourself content with visiting only English speaking nations, it would be a shame if you passed up this Spanish treasure. There are a number of things to see here that can’t be seen anywhere else. Whether you want to look at a thousand year old castle, or are simply interested in visiting one of their fine museums, you’ll enjoy the experience. Here are a few things you must see and do.

Visit Valencia, City Of Arts And Sciences

Valencia is a futuristic construction project that spawns over a mile. There you will be able to sit and enjoy a picture at their wonderful Imax theater, catch a laser show at their laserium, or visit their fabulous planetarium.

Valencia is home to the Felipe Science Museum. This museum is filled with interactive science you and your kids will both love. You’ll also be able to enjoy Europe’s largest aquarium while in the area. It has almost every fish under the sea. With its 500 marine species. Be sure to take a walk through the outdoor art gallery as well.

Take A Look At Toledo

This is a city that’s been inspired by the world’s three major religions. It has over 2-millennia’s of history behind it. The Tagus River that runs through it will leave you speechless, especially if you drive along it in a luxury car.

Don’t forget to stop by the Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca. It’s a rich temple with amazing architecture. The Alcantara bridge is an absolute must-see.

Barcelona: Church Of The Sacred Family

It is said that when this church is completed the world will end. Luckily, that won’t be anytime soon. Architects have been working on this project for over a hundred years.

It’s a wonderfully beautiful church even though it isn’t complete. Be sure to stop on by and get a look at its flamboyant grounds.

Visit Parc Guell

Looking for a beautiful peace of art. Why not visit an entire park filled with colorful and wonderfully shaped mosiac? This park will have you feel as though you’re walking in a dream. It will get your imagination to soar.

Picos De Europa

This is home to some of the finest dining establishments in the world. The surrounding towns are filled with history and culture. While the wilderness there is perfect for any hiking or biking enthusiast. The snow-capped peaks are absolutely breath taking. Once you’re done gazing at them you should take a trip to one of Picos De Europa’s many beaches.

There’s A Lot More To See In Spain

Spain is a wonderfully large country. It has thousands of attractions that are just waiting for you. You haven’t lived until you see Madrid all lit up at night. So head on down and be sure to see all that you can. The language barrier won’t bother you at all once you see everything this wonderful nation has to offer you. It’s impossible to see everything in one trip.